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A little bit about Pencandy, Me and my husband first got our first Golden Retriever back in 1986 a debate of should we or shouldnt we have a dog, we called her Penny and from there we moved forward my husband wanted a second and I said well lets breed Penny and so we did and we kept Candy and there you have our kennel prefix PENCANDY, and we then went onto have our human family which at the same time extended our puppy family of golden retrievers, back in the UK I decided to start showing and breeding to improve what I had and we had a big fur family of 8 goldens.

After showing for a number of years I decided I wanted to add a Cocker Spaniel to the fur family, so on I went and found a beautiful Blue Roan we named her shannon she was from the very famous Lochranza kennels, this is where I learnt to show and groom cocker spaniels until we moved to Austrailia in 2005, then in 2006 we had our first ever cocker spaniel litter.

And once we got settled in Austrailia we then decided to import Gregory from Lochranza he was a solid Black boy and shortly after greg cam Harriet she really made us shine also from the Lochranza kennels Harriet owned the ring when ever she was shown she just gave it her all and titled to a grand champion, Harriet and Gregory gave me some offspring which Digger is still currently with us now and their lines just keep going they both have produced many champion dogs in austrailia.

We also imprted some Jayzander cockers from Louise Wilding who also has kept the Lochranza kennels going for the late John Gillespie and Jean Gillespie who is still a big part of the Lochranza.


You will see many of these prefix names coming up under many cockers in Austrailia.

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Tina & Neil Crocker
Woodford, QLD, Australia
Phone : 0424593936
Email : [email protected]